Our Ethics

The Amenity Forum in all its actions and activities seeks to promote best practice within the sector to ensure all practices employed for weed, pest and disease control are undertaken effectively and efficiently and according to regulatory requirements. A priority is to ensure public safety and to create amenity environments fit for purpose in the most sustainable manner.

The Forum shows no favour to any particular organisation or method of weed, pest and disease management and this is a fundamental reason for the appointment of an independent chair. Member organisations provide funding towards the work of the Forum but no one has more influence than the other. At all times the organisation seeks to operate with integrity and honesty. It promotes the concept of self-regulation and independent auditing and communication within the sector.

At all times, it advocates compliance with laws, rules and regulations and in all its discussions and dealings insists that those involved explicitly declare potential conflicts of interest. The Forum does not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment of any kind. In both its own activities and in issuing guidance on best practice, considerations concerning health and safety are paramount.

The Forum operates as a company limited by guarantee and as such is not for profit. All resources available are used to undertake the core objectives. Its accounts are maintained to meet all legal requirements and seek to be as open and transparent as possible and certainly as required by the law.

Amenity Forum