How We Do Things

The Amenity Forum has an independent part time chairman and secretary both home based. Strategy is determined through the workings of a number of committees all reporting bi-annually to meetings of the full Forum, comprising member organisations as well as observers such as from HSE (Health & Safety Executive), the Chemicals Regulation Directorate etc.

The key ways in which its objectives are achieved are as follows:

Preparing and promoting guidance notes and material on a range of issues to support ‘Best Practice’. These are primarily accessed through the Forum main website

Organising an annual conference and running workshops across the UK as well as attending events where it is important for the amenity sector to have a voice and to be accountable for its activities.

Producing newsletters for as well as regular updates specifically for distribution across the sector

Keeping members informed of topical matters, producing press articles and releases and responding to consultations and the like as appropriate

Communicating the importance of weed, pest and disease management to the public demonstrating its impact on every UK citizen. This involves production of written and video material as well as social media and a specific public facing website.

Briefing and meeting with UK and European politicians as well as key stakeholders about matters relating to weed and pest control in the amenity sector.

Working closely with the HSE, Chemicals Regulation Directorate and other relevant organisations on all related matters

Operating the assurance standard for the amenity sector - The Amenity Standard