Railways and The Amenity Standard

Network Rail are responsible for the management of the Britain’s rail network and lineside estate covering 32,000km and 52,000 hectares respectively. Whilst there is no public access to the railway’s lineside estate, the need for high quality weed management operations is essential with over 7 million neighbours living alongside the rail network and 1.7 billion journeys being made by train every year.

The introduction by the Amenity Forum of a recognisable sector wide assurance standard for amenity will mean there is a common measurement of quality for organisations undertaking management operations on the not only on the national rail network, but across the amenity sector. All amenity organisations that want to work under this standard will belong to a quality assurance scheme managed by an operator that is recognised by the Amenity Forum. They will measure the performance of the approved organisation against the Amenity Standard and so provide assurance that work undertaken on the railway is of high quality and meets the high expectations of the Amenity Standard.

Alongside their railway specific safety competencies, those meeting the Amenity Standard would carry a card and display a logo that will convey to the public and customers the assurance that work the organisation carries out is to best practice standards and fully meets legal requirements.