Invasive Weeds and The Amenity Standard

Those responsible for land where invasive weeds are growing want to employ staff and/or contractors of the highest standard but until now there has been no universal way to recognise this.   So, the Amenity Forum has introduced a recognisable sector wide assurance standard for amenity.

The Amenity Standard seeks to provide a common measurement of quality for organisations undertaking amenity management operations including the control and/or removal of invasive weeds.  All amenity organisations that want to work under this standard will belong to a quality assurance scheme managed by an operator that is recognised by the Amenity Forum.  They will measure the performance of the approved organisation against the Amenity Standard. This will provide assurance that operations undertaken on those invasive weeds are of high quality and meet the high expectations of the Amenity Standard.

Those meeting the Amenity Standard would carry a card and display a logo that will convey to the public and customers that the organisation has in effect a ‘licence to practice’ and that they can be assured that operations undertaken on those invasive weeds are at best practice standards and fully meet legal requirements. It will convey that the badge holding organisation is committed to seeking to provide safe, healthy and fit for purpose amenity spaces.