My thoughts on BREXIT and Article 50

Well the papers and media are full of it all - the triggering of Article 50. It seems to me a lot of hype; after all the Government is just following the results of the referendum and taking us out of the European Union.

I just hope that BREXIT  does not impact upon all the excellent work undertaken by those who look after our parks, streets, transport systems and more. In recent times, I and my family have come to realise even more how the work of those who maintain our amenity areas impacts upon all our lives.

Yesterday I heard about the issue of potholes in roads. Another real issue would arise if those responsible could not maintain and keep our roads free of weeds.

BREXIT discussions will be tough; I am used to things like that in my job. However they must protect our natural environment. There is a real opportunity to simplify regulations and focus on what matters. In the meantime, hats off to all who work in amenity - important and essential for health, safety and our environment

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