What a political few weeks

So we are to have a snap election. I feel a bit like that woman on the television whose views went viral ‘What yet another election!’ However it is a chance to make our voice heard I guess. Travelling over Easter, one thing immediately coming to mind is the state of the roads and verges. Sadly we had a puncture on a busy road and I had to get the family out of the car and behind the safety barrier as required.

The weed cover just over the barrier was so great; it proved nigh on impossible. Apparently due to financial cuts but surely something needs to be done. We need to get our politicians focussed on the importance of weed control for safety and health reasons if nothing else.

Also over the weekend went to a neighbour’s house and heard a sorry tale about invasive weeds. Apparently they had identified Japanese Knotweed in their garden about a year ago and called in a contractor who apparently just chopped it down. It has now returned more vigorously than ever. Having contacted a professional Amenity Assured contractor they discover chopping down in the way he did was entirely wrong and apparently he took away the debris spreading it to others. The approved contractor injected the Knotweed with glyphosate and the issue is now sorted for them. Lesson learnt – cheapest is not best and certainly seek out a qualified operator.

Interesting outcome from French elections; two candidates now with opposed views on Europe, one wanting out soonest and the other very much opposite. Certainly dramatic times for elections and results. France has equally differing views on matters of weed control – interesting to watch what happens

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