FA CUP Final

How on earth is it May already? With the two bank holidays we’ve got in May, it’s an extra chance to get the family out and about locally. Our most recent bank holiday trip saw us having a day out in our local park making the most of the sunshine (usual in itself on a bank holiday!).

I have to say, it was fantastic to see the Council’s groundsmen out on the playing fields, with the right equipment for spraying. In this work, the Council team are ensuring the field is being maintained as a playing surface and being kept free from weeds - and they assured us that the sprayer is tested regularly and complies with all the legislation too.

Well done team for maintaining our very beautiful and popular greenspaces – and doing a grand job if I don’t say so myself! After all, without proper care and maintenance, outdoor areas can get overrun and even be dangerous for the whole family.

It’s good to know these professionals have got our local area covered. And speaking of the professionals…the FA Cup Final drawing ever closer – I bet you can guess who I’m rooting for! That’s right, the groundsmen. Can you imagine if the pitch at Wembley Stadium wasn’t properly maintained? Seeing an overgrown field full of weeds and insects, the look on some of those footballers’ faces would be a sight! There’s not a chance something like this would ever happen at a professional level, so it’s just as well our local park also receives its own care too, to help protect children and the public from any dangers that can arise in unmaintained public green spaces. After all you really can’t beat a good kick-about with the family on a freshly cut park field!

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