Champions Trophy Cricket

There’s nothing quite like a good game of cricket as the weather starts to improve. I like to think I’m still a bit of Flintoff when it comes to playing, but the wife tells me I shouldn’t give up the day job anytime soon. If I’m being honest I’ve spent more time watching the cricket on the telly recently rather than actually playing it.

What with the Champions trophy taking place this month, could you think of anything better than putting your feet up and watching the best of the best cricketers in action all over the UK?

But with the cricket going on this June, I can’t help but think about the ground maintenance that goes on - all year round in fact. Whilst cricket’s only a summer sport, maintenance for the pitch and ground is a yearlong operation involving precise timings and scheduling. Not enough credit goes to the groundsmen not only for world class venues like Lord’s and Edgbaston, but also for the groundsmen that look after our local cricket pitch and other community green spaces. With improper disease control, grass can be weakened; reducing the pitch quality for both professional sportspeople and local communities alike. Ground maintenance needs to be monitored throughout the year, even when everyone would rather stay inside!

As The Amenity Forum’s Golden Rules state, proper signage should always be in place when pesticides and/or chemical are being used on public green areas. Keeping the public safe and maintaining our outdoor spaces…just like in cricket, a real all-rounder!

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