Amenity Forum conference has record attendance & launches its important GetMoving Campaign

The theme for the 2016 Amenity Forum conference held at the Pirelli Stadium at Burton on Trent, was important and essential and provided an excellent opportunity for debate and discussion on topical issues and concerns. The associated exhibition area also attracted great interest throughout the event. There were some excellent speakers and presentations, copy of many of these will shortly be available at the Amenity Forum website.

In his concluding remarks, John Moverley, Independent Chairman of the Forum, highlighted the following core messages:

  • Weed, pest and disease control is essential and important
  • It is vital for health, safety and our environment
  • We must demonstrate our commitment to best practice
  • We must adopt an integrated approach looking at all options available for control
  • We must respond to challenge with proper respect based upon science & evidence
  • We must be united in our response

At the conference, the Forum also launched its Getmoving campaign with a range of multimedia materials now available. The campaign is targeted at three key groups, those who work in the sector itself, those who are key stakeholders and importantly the public. A core message is that weed, pest and disease control is essential and impacts upon the lives of every UK citizen. Short video clips are part of the material available, designed specifically at the public covering a variety of aspects of daily life. The Forum is asking everyone to disseminate these materials widely and take out the message. It is important that we are proud of what is done and its importance in social, economic and environmental terms.

Keeping Britain Moving is a vital task and one in which all involved in amenity weed, pest and disease control play a part.

The Amenity Forum is the voluntary initiative and voice for the sector on all matters concerning weed, pest and disease control. It cannot succeed in everything but it presents the case strongly to government and all involved. The Forum’s work is very much supported in the UK by decision makers and, in all the changes arising from BREXIT and in any other areas, will certainly fight the case for amenity and its important and essential role.

Further information on Forum matters can be obtained by contacting Kate Hopkins at or accessing the website at

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