About Colins Family

Jim, Lynne, James and Emily live in Northampton. They are a UK family, with a home in the outskirts of the city.

Jim works full time for a large blue chip company, and Lynne works part time around the needs of the children.  James loves his football and being outside, whilst Emily is always on her bike and playing with her friends.

Just like everyone who lives in the UK, the Colins family benefit from the work of those engaged in the amenity sector and especially in terms of weed, pest and disease management. Without such proper management, there would be significant safety risks and impacts on health as well as damage to the environment. Indeed weed, pest and disease management in all our amenity areas is both important and essential. It allows us to get to work, be it by train, bus or car. It’s important and essential for us to enjoy our parks, play sports, walk down the street and enjoy all our green spaces – even down to our own gardens.

We would love you to follow the Colins family on their adventures; find Jim on Twitter @JimColins75, they have their own YouTube Channel and Facebook page; you will find them under Amenity Forum and Get Britain Moving.

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