Why Amenity Matters

Weed, pest and disease management in amenity areas impacts upon all of our everyday lives, yet the work that professional staff do within this sector often go unnoticed everyday by the public. They ensure that you can get to work and the shops that your recreation areas are clear of weeds and diseases, that our sports surfaces are of the highest standard as well making sure all public areas are safe for us all. Weed, pest and disease management creates safe and healthy amenity areas and maintains and protects our environment.

So where does it affect you?

Amenity covers such a range of areas including:

  • Parks – Children play areas and boating lakes are kept clear from excessive weeds so that you can enjoy this area safely.
  • Streets and Pavements – Keeping weeds under control, so that they do not damage the pavements by pushing up through the tarmac; which could cause you to fall over and not allow push chairs to be safe
  • Roads – controlling weeds along grass verges so that motorists have a clear vision of the road as well as stopping weeds pushing up through the tarmac.
  • Railways – Through innovative technology; professionals can stop the weeds from growing over the tracks allowing trains to keep moving. 
  • Golf Courses – Keeping the greens in tip top condition, so you can putt on a smooth, weed free surface
  • Sports Pitches (Football & Rugby) – Keeping the pitches rut free, keeping the players safe and allowing play to keep going throughout the season.

An integrated approach is taken to controlling weeds and diseases – which simply means all techniques of control are used including herbicides.  Natural controls are also used where possible. The UK Amenity sector has led the way in committing itself to best practice and developing an Amenity Assured Standard.

To demonstrate how amenity affects your life, we have put together a series of videos to help demonstrate how Amenity really affects us all.