Every day, over 50 million households and non-household consumers in England and Wales receive good quality water, sanitation and drainage services. Imagine what would happen if the land next to the reservoirs storing this water wasn't maintained correctly?

There are approximately 400 reservoirs in England which provide vital water storage for private water companies. Without professional control of invasive weeds which grow alongside reservoirs, there is a high risk that the weeds would create blockages, pollute the water supply and create safely and environmental hazards all of which could negatively impact on the water supply.

Who provides our water supplies?
In England and Wales, there are 32 privately-owned water utility companies providing water, sanitation and drainage services to over 50 million households and non-household consumers. While in Scotland, there is only one water company. These utility companies also happen to make up eight of the top 50 landowners in England and Wales, between them owning 140,124 acres of land in England and Wales! Have you considered how important it is that their land is maintained and kept free of weeds?