Parks & Green Spaces

There are over 27,000 parks and green spaces across the UK which are regularly used by over 37 million people each year. Imagine what would happen if they weren't maintained correctly?

Our parks and green spaces, especially those in in towns and cities are so important, as is their maintenance.

Parks don't just provide us with a great space to spend time outdoors, they are also very important for our mental health, with research indicating a positive and clear link between mental health and access to parks and green spaces. Not only that, but these green spaces also provide important and essential habitats for wildlife.

Park-keepers responsible for maintaining our parks and green spaces work hard to ensure that these spaces are kept free of weeds, and can be safely enjoyed by everyone. Where chemicals are required to control pests and weeds, park-keepers apply them following industry standards, to ensure that people using the parks, and wildlife living within the green spaces, are not affected.

Amenity maintenance matters and impacts on every UK citizen every day promoting healthy, safe and sustainable areas fit for purpose and contributing greatly to well-being.