Lawn Care

Looking after your garden is so important, not only for you and your family’s health and well-being but also for the environment. Planting bright colours in the garden and the right plants, are fantastic for our health and wellbeing as well as encouraging wildlife. Many create calming and soothing feelings. Having these set with a great green lawn for the children to play in can create a fantastic living space for all to enjoy.

Why is a Lawn so important?

Not only does that lawn create a fantastic play area; it also adds value to your property and to your neighbourhood as well as benefiting the environment. A well-maintained lawn will mean that the grass will have deep roots, allowing excess water to drain. Lawns also trap millions of tons of liquid and solid pollution including dust, pollen, amongst others, making it easier for us to breathe.

So, what makes up a good lawn care programme?

Lawn maintenance includes pest, weed & moss control, fertilising, disease control, scarifying and aeration. All methods of control are required and needed; however, pesticides are a key solution to keeping lawns lush and healthy. By using professionals to maintain your lawns, you will know that best practice use of pesticides is being carried out. Better still ask if they are members of the Amenity Forum, committed to best practice.