Invasive Weeds

Invasive weeds are ones that are introduced to our country from outside of our native lands. They are primarily bigger and stronger weeds than our native weeds and they spread really quickly.

You may have heard about “Invasive weeds” before, but what are they and why is their control so important to us all? Invasive weeds are ones that have been introduced into this country from other nations. As such, Invasive weeds do not have natural predators or disease within our country which allows them to spread very quickly. By definition, they are incredibly resilient plants and some, such as Japanese Knotweed, can create real structural damage due to their extensive root systems.

It is important to understand that as a landowner or homeowner, you are responsible for preventing the spread of invasive weeds within your property footprint. As said, Japanese knotweed can spread very quickly through property and land. It is also known to devalue and damage property and can prevent lenders advancing support for purchases.

Prevention is always better than cure, therefore ensuring that the appropriate horticultural techniques are used to control invasive weeds is essential to avoid problems. Invasives are difficult to kill and need to be removed from site by professional operators, and soil containing plant material must be treated as controlled waste and disposed of appropriately.

Another invasive; Giant Hogweed, presents a risk to human health through its sap. With contact with human skin, it causes painful blistering and severe skin irritation which can result in purple black scars. We always advise that if you find any invasive weeds on your property, that you contact a qualified contractor to treat the weeds and dispose of them safely.