Golf Courses

The UK golf course management is highly regarded across the world. Not only does golf greatly contribute to the UK economy it also employs 75,000 people which serve 3.9 million golfers.

At the centre of this industry is the well-maintained facilities, the greens, the rough, as well as the clubhouses and carparks. Without maintained facilities, the consequences for this sport would be massive in terms of economically, as well as environmentally. 

The greenkeepers work 24/7 to keep landscape in top condition; behind which is a structured approach to applying a horticultural technique that considers the different seasons, as well as the dramatic weather changes the country is experiencing.

Golf courses are important to our natural environment, and whilst the greenkeepers keep the turf in great condition; they also provide natural housing for wildlife around the courses, in the rough, lakes, trees and alike.

All greenkeepers must hold a basic sprayer qualification to apply any pesticides or fungicides when required. All chemicals that are applied are based on scientific trials and evidence.