Why Amenity Matters

Amenity affects all of us, every day of our lives. Whether you are visiting a park, playing golf or football, simply driving to work or taking the train. Without amenity, none of these things would be possible.

So, what is amenity? Amenity is a sector that ensures that the roads, rails, streets, parks and sports grounds are maintained so that weeds, pest and diseases are controlled in an effective manner. The amenity forum; whom own this website are a UK initiative that promote best practice of weed, pest and disease control within the sector. They encourage safe and healthy amenity areas for the public and high standards.

To find out how amenity affects you, visit our Why Amenity Matters page.

Green Feet Week : Information

The Amenity Forum working with partners is promoting a week of celebration commencing September 20th. Too often the work of those in managing amenity and sports spaces goes unnoticed and this week gives opportunity for all to learn more about what they do, really keeping Britain moving. Never has this been more highlighted than in the past year, keeping transport networks working, parks open for exercise and enjoyment and more.

In Green Feet Week, organisations and individuals working in the sector will get involved in charitable activities, large and small, and tell their stories of what they do and why what they do matters to everyone. So what is planned will be fun, raise valuable funds for charity and highlight the importance of amenity management to the lives of everyone.

John Moverley, Chairman of the Amenity Forum, said ‘’I often say it but it is so true that what happens in amenity management impacts upon every UK citizen every day with all involved seeking to create safe, sustainable amenity and sports spaces fit for purpose’

Kate Cooney from Perennial, the charity that helps people in horticultural, said ‘’We are very pleased to support this initiative and highlight the work of so many, so often not understood or recognised. It is a brilliant and fun idea with a very real and important purpose”

Laurence Gale said ‘’This is long over-due and I am delighted both to support it and help bring it to fruition. Now all is needed is for everyone to get involved and make it a real success’’

More information can be found on the Amenity Forum website - www.amenityforum.co.uk